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Your Position: Home - Minerals & Metallurgy - 80crv2 vs. 52100 (80crv2 seems almost as good as 3v!)

80crv2 vs. 52100 (80crv2 seems almost as good as 3v!)

Have been looking into 80crv2 as a knife steel lately, and it seems very impressive. It is even tougher than 5160 (which is already one of the toughest steels out there) and has much better edge holding and wear resistance on top of it! It almost seems like a 3v light, or a poor man's 3v! It is also cheap and easy to heat treat. Surprisingly, not many companies or makers seem to be using this steel. Most likely because not many people out there know about it.

I was wondering how it compares to 52100, which is also considered one of the top knife steels out there. 52100 is one of the best carbon steels out there for wear resistance and it is also very tough. If 80crv2 is tougher than 5160 (which in itself is tougher than 52100) with much better wear resistance, that would make it a superior steel to 52100 for most big choppers, would it not?

Anyone who has had experience with both of these steels care to chime in?


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80CrV2 multi-use steel used to make blades for cutting tools and instruments.

Characteristics of 80CrV2 steel:

The 80CrV2 carbon steel is a low alloy steel that has better tensile strength and quench properties than non-alloyed carbon steels. It is a relatively high carbon content, and can reach good hardness levels. It is commonly used to make blades subjected to difficult working conditions: hand saws, shears or pruning shears for its resilience and capacity to resist shocks.

Ideal for outdoor and utility blades

Widely preferred for making scissors blades, it is a grade that is suited for making outdoor or utility carbon blades. It is often used in northern Europe to make Puukos, a popular utility knife that is simple and robust.
80CrV2 steel is hot rolled and is delivered annealed.
Find all of the information you need on 80CrV2 steel in its technical data  file.

80crv2 vs. 52100 (80crv2 seems almost as good as 3v!)

80CRV2 / 1.2235 / L2





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